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We think you will love our new pop-up Fender Cleats for a myriad of reasons but let’s name a few:

  • All our parts are CNC machined from solid blocks of aluminum and titanium.
  • Our parts are designed, manufactured, and tested in the United States.
  • Our fender cleats provide a tactile and audible click when they are fully raised.
  • When they are up, our cleats stay up. When they are down, our cleats stay down.
  • Our Pop-Up Fender Cleats do not have the usual slop like most pop-up cleats on the market today. In fact, our cleats have no slop!
  • Our Fender Cleats are double sealed so they will not leak.
  • We provide all the mounting hardware necessary to mount our Fender Cleats to your boat.
  • We offer our cleats clear, and black anodized as well as black and white powder coat.  Additional colors are available with extended lead times.

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A quick pull and hang your fenders.   That is as easy as it gets.    No searching for holes and no tying lines.

That was our goal when we decided to manufacture our Pop-up Fender Cleats.   Ease of use and ease of install.   Our Fender Cleats install with one 7/8″ diameter hole and are held in place with the included backing plate and 7/8″ nut.  All are anodized to protect from the elements. Standard options include an all aluminum construction but we do offer them with titanium uprights for those who have big ass fenders.

The Fender Cleat works the same as our regular Pop-up cleats.   When they are down, our Fender Cleats stay down.  When they are up, our Fender Cleats stay up.   And you will know when they are up.   Every time you pull up on one of our Fender Cleats you will hear and feel a click to let you know it is locked up.  To release just hit the top of the cleat and it will retract.

Installation is easy.  Drill one 7/8″ diameter hole where you want our fender cleat.  Insert the fender cleat into that hole. On the backside put on the provided backing plate and thread on the given nut.     Tighten it down and you are good to go.

We currently anodize all of the aluminum components of our cleats to protect them from the elements. We stock brushed silver (clear) and black anodized with a normal lead time of 2 to 15 days. With an additional 30 days, we can anodize in other colors like blue, green, and red to name a few. Our anodized cleats can be painted (by you) to match your boat.  Black and White powder coating is also available within the standard lead time of 2-15 days depending on demand. Other colors are available with an additional 30 day lead time.

Cleat tops (anodized or powder coated) can be laser engraved with your boat name, racing team logo or whatever you would like.  Order 4 or more and it’s free, just contact us for more information.

Like all of our products everything is made in the USA.  All pieces are manufactured by Lunar Marine in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.