Lunar Marine LLC
Lunar Marine began in Oak Hill, FL the summer of 2016 when Nathan Kosins was looking for quality parts to help his father restore his Gulfstar 50 Sailboat. The more time he spent online looking for quality parts the more he realized there is a large gap between quality and affordable parts. Nathan relocated from Indianapolis, IN to Oak Hill, FL and started designing Lunar Marine’s first Mast Steps in December of 2016.

Kevin Kosins has set aside his retirement to guide the company with his vast knowledge in prototyping, metal fabrication, and management. He is our team leader.

Prototyping started in 2017 with Briealle Harvey moving down from Fort Wayne, IN. Briealle came down to lend a hand in producing prototypes and setting up office procedures.

Austin Lampkin moved from Indianapolis, IN in the Summer of 2018. He came down to take over the manufacturing of our Mast Steps while Nathan and Kevin create what’s next for Lunar Marine.

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Austin Lampkin Production Manager
Briealle Harvey Office Manager
Nathan Kosins Engineer
Kevin Kosins General Manager