Carbon Fiber Pop Up Cleat


Doing things a little different is what we do every day at Lunar Marine.    We think you will love our new pop-up cleats for a myriad of reasons but let’s name a few:

  • Carbon Fiber Tops available on all sizes.
  • Our parts are CNC machined from solid blocks of aluminum and titanium.
  • Our parts are designed, manufactured, and tested in the United States.
  • Our cleats provide a tactile and audible click when they are fully raised.
  • When they are up, our cleats stay up. When they are down, our cleats stay down.
  • Our Pop-Up Cleats do not have the usual slop like most pop-up cleats on the market today. In fact, our cleats have no slop!
  • Our Cleats are double sealed so they will not leak.
  • We provide all the mounting hardware necessary to mount our cleats to your boat.
  • Available with cosmetic top layer in twill or plain carbon fiber – contact for more information

**14 & 16″ carbon Cleats coming soon**

Available on backorder

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Innovate the marine industry every day.  That is what we do at Lunar Marine.  We have done it again. We now offer all of our cleats with a carbon fiber tops.   Using high pressure and heat we have made a beautiful looking cleat that would be a great addition to any boat.   Everything at Lunar Marine is designed and manufactured in house and this is no exception.   This means that everything we make is made in the USA.

Our Carbon Cleats follow the same design principles of our other cleats.   When our cleats are up, they stay up.  When they are down, they stay down.  No accidental pop ups when you are on the water.   When you pull up one of our cleats you will hear an audible and tactile click that lets you know our cleats are locked up.  Our cleats use a double x-ring design to ensure that no water gets into your boat.

Installation is simple and easy because our cleats are mounted with the stems of the cleats.   Drill two 7/8” holes insert the cleat and tighten with the provide nuts and backing plates.   It is that easy.  No complicated hole patterns to saw.  Just two holes that can easily be done with a drill.

All of our cleats come with the necessary  nuts and backing plates for installation.